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Fishermen's Court by Andrew Wolfendon

Fishermen's Court by Andrew Wolfendon



Andrew Wolfendon

Black Rose Writing, 356 pages

9781684332854, 6.13.19


Overall Rating = 4.375

Storyline & Concept = 4.5

Writing & Delivery = 4.5

Cover Marketability = 4

Editorial = 4.5

Fishermen’s Court is a complicated and manic book directly reflecting the main character, Finn Carroll. The storyline is confounding while completely compelling. The gritty unfolding circumstances put the self-deprecating Finn in a position of self-examination amid the threat of unknown sadistic enemies all while taking a forced trip down memory and slap in the face reality lane. Misplaced blame feeds guilt and hides secrets in this twisty and twisted mystery.”

Sublime Line: “A confessional self-examination suspense-driven mystery that shows how personal past is always relevant to the personal future.”


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