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Second Son by Pamela Taylor

Second Son by Pamela Taylor



Pamela Taylor

Black Rose Writing, 184 pages

9781684330638, 7.19.18


Overall Rating = 4.5

Storyline & Concept = 4

Writing & Delivery = 4

Cover Marketability = 5

Editorial = 5

Alfred comes of age at the dawn of the Renaissance. As the second son of a second son, he does not expect to inherit his grandfather’s kingdom. Instead, he devotes himself to studying the books in the royal library, and to the companionship of his friends. His boorish older brother John is envious of Alfred, whom their grandfather has predicted will have a special destiny. There is mounting tension between the two brothers, as John belittles Alfred at every opportunity, and makes a pass at Alfred’s bride-to-be. When Alfred is kidnapped while on a mission for the king, he finds he must use all of his wits to survive.

Sublime Line: “Historical fiction lovers will enjoy this tale of knightly adventure.”


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