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The Long Road by Daniel B. Oliver

The Long Road by Daniel B. Oliver



Daniel B. Oliver

Black Rose Writing, 212 pages

9781684330089, 2.8.18


Overall Rating = 4.69

Storyline & Concept = 5

Writing & Delivery = 4.75

Cover Marketability = 4

Editorial = 5

Hank Galloway resigns his job in banking and moves from Georgia to California in order to pursue his dream of working for NASA. All goes well until he becomes convinced his neighbor is going to kill him. Committed to a psychiatric ward Hank struggles to understand what happened to him. Was it simply exhaustion caused by too much studying and not enough sleep, or could it be something worse? Things begin to improve when he is accepted into a prestigious engineering program, but then Hank becomes convinced there are hidden cameras and listening devices in his apartment. Then comes devastating news: he has schizophrenia. Will the diagnosis kill his dream of designing rockets?

Sublime Line: “Readers will cheer for Hank Galloway, whose determination to never stop reaching for the stars puts a sympathetic face on mental illness.”


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