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Maggie's Ruse by Anne Leigh Parrish

Maggie's Ruse by Anne Leigh Parrish



Anne Leigh Parrish

Unsolicited Press, 260 pages

9781947021907, October 1, 2019


Overall Rating = 4.75

Storyline & Concept = 5

Writing and Delivery = 4.5

Cover Marketability = 4.5

Editorial = 5

Identical twins Maggie and Marta Dugan share an apartment in Manhattan’s fashionable West Village. Their closets are filled with designer clothing, but their picture-perfect lives are a sham. Maggie is an artist who can’t get galleries to exhibit her paintings. Marta is an actress who’s finding it difficult to get roles. If it weren’t for their wealthy stepfather, they’d have a rough time getting by. One day, Maggie impulsively impersonates her twin. When Marta finds out, she’s livid. The twins split up and go their separate ways. Maggie’s Ruse follows the adventures of two strong-willed, capricious young women as they struggle with questions of identity and sisterhood.

Sublime Line: “Anne Leigh Parrish has worked delightful magic, creating a fresh, twenty-first-century pair of spirited heroines with echoes of Becky Sharp and Scarlett O’Hara.”


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