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A Journey to Becoming the Best-Self by Yvette Bodden

A Journey to Becoming the Best-Self by Yvette Bodden



Yvette Bodden

Black Rose Writing, 154 pages

9781684333196, 7.4.19


Overall Rating = 4.75

Storyline & Concept = 5

Writing and Delivery = 4.5

Cover Marketability = 4.5

Editorial = 5

A Journey to Becoming the Best-Self is part memoir and part practical how-to guide about navigating divorce. The writing is warm and confidential, like a conversation with a friend. Bodden went through two divorces, the first ending a brief marriage when she was in her twenties and the second ending a ten-year marriage to a man with whom she shared a four-year-old daughter. Bodden’s description of how she became so immersed in her roles of wife, homemaker, and mother that she lost her sense of self would be familiar to many women. The book describes how she fought back from despair and financial hardship to achieve happiness and personal growth.

Sublime Line: “This is a book not just for women faced with divorce, but for anyone searching for meaning in their lives.”


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