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The Last Stand of Payne Stewart by Kevin Robbins

The Last Stand of Payne Stewart by Kevin Robbins



Kevin Robbins

Hachette Books, 272 pages

9780316485302, 10.8.19


Overall Rating = 4.63

Storyline & Concept = 4.5

Writing & Delivery = 4.5

Cover Marketability = 4.5

Editorial = 5

Kevin Robbins (Harvey Penick, 2016) has written a painful yet necessary account on golfing icon, Payne Stewart, primarily around the 1999 season. Stewart overcomes the letdown of a golfing slump after early and often success, which many athletes do not survive, and reaches the pinnacle of the golfing world again. It seems almost instantly that as soon as his stardom returns, as well as a changed demeanor and reputation, tragedy strikes. Stewart’s sometimes brash and unspoken nature hid the true sentiment and character within, and his story will resonate with golf and sports’ fans around the globe.

Sublime Line: “For avid golf enthusiasts and readers who simply just love sports’ nonfiction, The Last Stand of Payne Stewart will touch your heart.”


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