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The Seven Experiments by Stephen Kanicki

The Seven Experiments by Stephen Kanicki



Stephen Kanicki

Black Rose Writing, 212 pages

9781684333370, 10.10.19


Overall Rating = 3.63

Storyline & Concept = 4

Writing & Delivery = 3.5

Cover Marketability = 4

Editorial = 3

Financially struggling college professor Gary Miller is presented with an amazing opportunity: the ability to have anything he wants. Through what at first seems like an outlandish offer from an old friend, Gary finds riches, bountiful sex, and every imaginable luxury can be his for the taking. By practicing the principals behind the Seven Experiments he can even become godlike. There’s just one catch: all this newfound abundance comes with a heavy price.

Sublime Line: “The philosophy of the self-help movement which insists that anything is possible if one wants it badly enough mingles with the legend of Faust and his deal with Mephistopheles in this thought-provoking paranormal thriller.”


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