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Finding the right reviews for the right budget can be hard for an Indie or self-published author. And in many cases, you unknowingly pay for a review that is 100% guaranteed positive. While it’s nice for a reviewer to tell you your book is “the greatest book ever written,” this doesn’t necessarily help you, the author, and it certainly doesn’t help the industry leaders (librarians, booksellers, media professionals) make calculated decisions about purchasing your book or requesting your title for their library.

The Divine Affliction by Robert M. Fleisher

The Divine Affliction by Robert M. Fleisher



Robert M. Fleisher

Black Rose Writing, 306 pages

9781684331123, 9.27.18


Overall Rating = 4.13

Storyline & Concept = 4.5

Writing & Delivery = 3.5

Cover Marketability = 4

Editorial = 4.5

Lawyer Derrick Daniels travels to the Middle-East, where he gets much more than he bargained for. While investigating a drug case, Derrick and his partner, Savannah Ambrose, discover a scheme to control the minds of humans, in a way that is unimaginable. Fleisher will strike readers to the core with this novel. The subtle daggers of truth in the story will have you up at night, thinking this could have been a nonfiction book, making it hard to shake some of the vivid scenes. With a wide range of characters and a suspenseful plot, The Divine Affliction will keep you guessing until the very end.

Sublime Line:The Divine Affliction shows you that the toughest enemy is the one you can’t see.”


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