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In Elysian Fields by Tom Evans

In Elysian Fields by Tom Evans



Tom Evans

Black Rose Writing, 182 pages

9781684333165, 7.4.19


Overall Rating = 4.0

Storyline & Concept = 4.5

Writing & Delivery = 4

Cover Marketability = 3.5

Editorial = 4

In Elysian Fields follows the story of baseball veteran Luke Allen, and his last attempt at a championship. Luke Allen is a sure thing, first ballot hall of famer, with only a championship missing from his career. He battles his own mortality, a rival team, a nemesis in the form of a journalist, and a secret admirer that sends him notes at all home games. Tom Evans uses Luke to give you an inside look at a superstar’s mindset throughout a grueling baseball season. Luke is more of a loner, a humble narcissist if you will, that rarely depends on the company of others. But he finds himself vulnerable to a woman he has never even met. It’s a very interesting point of view that I believe audiences will relate to. I would definitely recommend this for readers that happen to be as big of baseball fans as I am. History buffs will enjoy the references that Evans uses to liven up the story. As a lifelong fan who has known a few minor leaguers trying to make it to the show, I would have loved a little more ball-player-banter on the road trips and in the clubhouse that is just unbeatable. It’s more PG-Rated than I hoped it would be, but overall, a well-written novel for all ages.

Sublime Line:In Elysian Fields is just a reminder that baseball and love, when done properly, are like soothing poetry.”


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